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Online School Registration is Open May 1, 2023 for the 2023-2024 School Year PreK, Kinder, and New Students/UserFiles/Servers/Server_345900/Image/Banner/Back to School.pngOnline registration is open, beginning Monday, May 1, 2023, for PreK, Kinder, and new students to the district. The registration website link is available on the Deming Public Schools website , under Registration. /school_info/news/what_s_new/online_school_registration_is_open2023/06/272023/06/27 15:54:00Bell Elementary Open House/UserFiles/Servers/Server_345900/Image/News/SY 23-24/Bell Elementary Open House 2023.pngCome join Bell Elementary Staff for an Open House on Thursday, July 27, 2023 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. For more information please call us at (575) 546-9712./school_info/news/what_s_new/bell_elementary_open_house1800/01/012023/07/21 10:10:00Bell Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences /UserFiles/Servers/Server_345900/Image/News/SY 23-24/September/Untitled design (2).pngBell’s Parent Teacher Conference will be: Monday, September 11th from 3:15-6:30pm Friday, September 15th from 7:45am -12:00pm/school_info/news/what_s_new/bell_elementary_parent_teacher_conferences1800/01/012023/08/29 15:53:00/syndication/rss.aspx?serverid=345900&userid=5&feed=datasummary&key=mUk8rxablR1OSy0oGo8lZYcXQjgSuuCPUBMWNyaJY5VP4tzgmtY2zhSUI2Bta4LGIyhjt9mS6gXlc%2fWk%2bbzqDQ%3d%3d&target_object_id=345995&portal_id=345984&v=2.0
Update: Phone Service is Working District Wide /UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/News/2023-2024 SY/September/Phones (1).pngPhone service has been restored at all school sites and offices. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 14:35:00School Bus Front Door Evacuations/UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/News/2023-2024 SY/school bus.jpgDeming Public Schools has scheduled school bus front door evacuations for Thursday, September 21, 2023 in all bus zones. Buses will load their students, engage the bus into gear, pull forward a minimum 10 feet, apply the parking brake, gear into neutral, the driver will give the students instructions on what to do, and then unload. Students shall depart the bus walking briefly a minimum of 75 feet to the front of the bus assuming the issue is towards the rear of the bus. 16:07:00Bell Elementary Ride Your Bike To School Day/UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/News/2023-2024 SY/September/Copy of RIDE YOUR BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY!!!!.pngBell Elementary Ride Your Bike to School Day FRIDAY SEPT. 22ND, @ 7:35AM AMIGO’S PARKING LOT Students will meet @ Amigo’s Restaurant with their bikes at 7:30 am Bike ride will start at 7:50 am Deming Police Department Bike Team and SRO’s will assist with traffic control 14:00:00Central Cafeteria Update 9.6.23/UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/News/2023-2024 SY/Aug/Lunch.pngOn August 10, concerns regarding the smell of gas at Central Cafeteria were raised. Staff were moved out of the building to other school sites and meals were modified at My Little School, Bell Elementary, Chaparral Elementary, and Memorial Elementary. Communication was sent to parents at those four schools along with being posted on our social media sites, website, and released to our media partners. Under emergency procurement, a licensed external plumber was hired to replace all the gas lines in the central cafeteria building. As of September 5, the work has been completed and the inspection was passed. Hot meals resumed at all effected school sites on August 28 utilizing other kitchens across the district. We take all concerns seriously, investigate them thoroughly, and work with appropriate agencies to ensure our facilities are safe. Please call Central Office at (575) 546-8841 if you have any questions. 14:52:00Central Cafeteria Update/UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/News/2023-2024 SY/Aug/Lunch.pngDeming Public Schools will resume hot meals for the students at My Little School, Bell Elementary, Chaparral Elementary, and Memorial Elementary on Monday, August 28, 2023. While central cafeteria is under repair the district has reorganized meal preparation and distribution from other school sites to resume hot meal service to students. Menus are available on the website: We apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your understanding as we complete repairs to central cafeteria. 10:37:00Deming Public Schools Annual Update/UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/DPS Annual Update.pngTo update student information and collect necessary yearly information, Deming Public Schools utilizes its online registration system to update contact information for students, parents, and emergency contacts. This will also give parents the opportunity to sign FERPA forms, media release information and digital device information for each student in the household. 09:36:00COVID-19 Update/UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/Banner/heart-care-1040250_1280.jpgUpdate on COVID-19 Guidance 16:23:00School Zones, Bus Safety, and Bus Delays /UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/News/2023-2024 SY/school bus.jpgDeming Public Schools would like to remind the community to obey traffic laws and to use caution around school buses. 15:38:00Now Hiring/UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/News/2023-2024 SY/June 2023/DPS Hiring Facebook Post2.pngApply Today 11:02:00Welcome To Our New Website/UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/Content/welcome.pngWelcome to our new website! 10:57:00Student Injuries and Insurance 2023-2024 School Year/UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/News/2023-2024 SY/June 2023/Student Insurence.pngThe safety of our students is of critical importance to all of us and we want to protect them from injury. Even so, accidents do happen (at school and elsewhere) and required medical care can be expensive. Please know that your school does not assume responsibility for such costs but does offer you access to several student accident insurance plans for voluntary purchase. Details can be found in the attached brochure/enrollment form. 10:41:00/syndication/rss.aspx?serverid=345900&userid=5&feed=datasummary&key=PEKBBifpWB%2fyJ7WdU79iQYS1L%2bosAH0JuyHVBQRXR%2b9idoPeJ%2fF8eFr4LiZ8S8CTy%2fL8P9bYcgxKsEXFCSlk%2fg%3d%3d&target_object_id=447838&portal_id=345984&v=2.0