About Bell Elementary

Bell Elementary is a neighborhood school housing over 275 students.  We serve students ranging from our 3-year-old Pre-K Program all the way up to fifth grade.  We are very excited about our Pre-K program.  We currently have one 3-year-old class and two 4-year-old classes.  Our Pre-K staff focus on NM PreK standards and expectations, helping our younger students acclimate to school in a positive and encouraging manner.  Based on our current enrollment, we provide instruction with two teachers per grade level.  All students receive instruction in both English and Spanish.  Bell Elementary implements the Heritage Model as our Bilingual Program.  The staff at Bell Elementary believe in student success and building positive relationships.  Bell Elementary will provide support to our families by advancing academic learning through communication, building relationships, and increasing parent engagement.  Our resilience and unbiased expectations will be guided through social and emotional support and perseverance to continue connections beyond the four walls of our school.  

School Mission Statement:

At Bell Elementary, we believe….

  • All students deserve the best instruction
  • All students deserve equitable access to learning
  • All students will be active bilingual and biliterate members of society
  • All students, through hard work, deserve access to success

Bell Elementary will stay the course and deliver sustainable, dramatic change affecting student lives by removing barriers to ensure equitable learning opportunities, high expectations and rigorous instruction.

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